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Europe's Windows 7 to be browserless

by on12 June 2009


PC manufacturers can choose

In order to put Windows 7 in level with EU regulations, Microsoft will apparently ship copies of European Windows 7 without its Internet Explorer 8 web browser. This will allow PC manufacturers and system integrators to choose which web browser to install before shipping the systems to its customers.

Microsoft will offer its IE8 separately, free of charge if the manufacturer decides that its customers want it. In addition to the Windows 7 E version, Microsoft is apparently planning to do a Europe-only N version as well, which will come without Windows Media Player as well.

Microsoft has probably decided that this is the best move in order to ship its Windows 7 at the same time it does so elsewhere. Stripping the IE 8 from Windows 7, does have its bad sides as those users will not be able to go online and download, for example, Firefox or Google Chrome, so an installation of your favorite browser should be downloaded before installing the Windows 7.

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Last modified on 12 June 2009
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