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NEC has a new LCD2470WNX

by on16 March 2007


Cebit 2007: New 24 inch screen is LCD2470WNX

has introduced a new LCD screen in its 70-series line up, the 2470WNX. It is based on the S-PVA TFT, 6 ns matrix, this screen will the brightest one from 70-series, about 500 cd/m2. The contrast is 1000:1, so this screen is not only the biggest, but also has the best image quality in the line up.

We have tested the screen. Yes, the picture is very bright, and the blacks are better than on S-IPS screens. Viewing angles are good, and we didn't see any ghosting.

We were hoping that NEC would launch 20WGX3 pro, but unfortunately they told us that there won't be any bigger glossy screens. Well, not this year. So, if you are looking for a larger screen, and quality that is near S-IPS, the new 2470WNX could be an excellent choice.

The screen will be available in three weeks, and the price is yet to be announced.


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