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US Military armed with Social networking

by on02 June 2009


Weapons of Mass Distraction

The U.S.
military in Afghanistan is to fight the Taliban using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

According to AP, the military is trying to counter Taliban propaganda which is apparently doing a good job at convincing people to attack their local hairdressers and revolt against the Evil Satanic Empire of the United States.

Despite the fact that the Taliban are about as pro-technology as a Luddite they have been using the world wide wibble to contact lots of people who don't read traditional print media. The Taliban, routinely makes false claims about how many US soldiers its forces have killed or how many civilians might have died in an airstrike.

The US admits that it is losing the information war to the Taliban and has been wondering how to counter it. The US military is starting to put its news on Twitter and has started to encourage troops to post stories and photos on Web sites in an effort to portray daily life in Afghanistan.

High on the list are all the development and engineering projects which are being carried out in Afghanistan which have not been making the news. (Such as automated poppy field irrigation and crop dusting. sub.ed.)
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