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Slim PS3 is confirmed

by on29 May 2009


Will wait for Tokyo Game Show for launch

As we expected, the new slim PlayStation 3 has been confirmed by our sources; and again as expected, you can pretty much take to the bank the fact that we will not be seeing Sony launch it at E3. Instead of an E3 launch, Sony will wait for the Tokyo Game Show to launch the latest revision of the PlayStation 3 console.

The decision to delay the launch of the new version of the PlayStation 3 has more to do with the fact that Sony has plenty of PlayStation 3 consoles still in the channel and sitting in warehouses. It is necessary to move this inventory before bringing out the new version of the console.

It is expected now that once the new slim version of the PlayStation 3 is launched, Sony will cut the price on the PS3; but according to whispers, it could be only a temporary thing as the price decrease might only apply to older versions of the console that are left in inventory. A second reduction could then come toward holiday time on the slim version once the remaining inventory of the older consoles is depleted.

Sony is expected to focus on the PlayStation 3 new bundle at E3 that we told you about previously, as well as the new PSP.

Last modified on 29 May 2009
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