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Swedish court tells music and film industry to go away

by on26 May 2009


At least for now

An attempt
by four major record labels to fine the Pirate Bay operators for every day the site remains up and running has been thrown out by the Swedish District Court today. The labels had shown up in court baying for blood claiming that since they had won their court case against the Pirate Bay four they should be fined for each day that the site is up and running.

No extra hearing was needed, the labels said. And it wanted huge extra fines against the defendants. However the Swedish Court pointed out that it was important to hear the defendants before it took any action.

After reviewing the case, the District Court has denied the labels’ demands today, and said that they will give the Pirate Bay operators a few weeks to state their position in the dispute. The record labels are also given a week to, should they chose, appeal the District Court’s decision to the Court of Appeal.

Judge Caroline Hindmarsh said that it was not normal to fine someone without them getting to address the court first. The record labels have not yet decided whether to appeal the District Court’s decision. But since it was a bizarre attempt to get Pirate Bay offline while denying the normal protocols of the Swedish Justice System we can't see what grounds they would have to appeal.

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