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US Army to upgrade to Vista and Office 2007 by December

by on25 May 2009


Not going with Win 7 for now


a move that made us scratch our head a couple of times, The US Army said how it plans to upgrade to Windows Vista by December, as such a move would increase its security and improve standardization. Additionally, the Army also plans to upgrade to Office 2007.

Even stranger is the fact that the Army isn’t planning on switching to Windows 7 when it arrives, but rather hold it off with its new and shiny Vista. The Army will also provide special training to help users who haven’t used this OS, but if it was up to us we’d recommend taking away their weapons during usage.

The US Army has 744,000 desktops, and while about half already have Office 2007, only 13% is running Vista. this might be the largest deployment of Vista in the US.

You can find the press release here.

Last modified on 25 May 2009
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