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Computers help dyslexic children

by on25 May 2009


3D vision


Up to a third of children with dyslexia could be helped through a 3-D computer program, a British boffin claims.

Nearly a third of kids with dyslexia, which makes it difficult for children to spell or read, have a treatable vision disorder called convergence insufficiency, which makes it difficult to read. According to medical research Robin Pauc convergence insufficiency is a common two-eye disorder in which the eyes fail to work properly at close range.

Pauc, who runs a clinic for children with learning and behavioural problems, claims this disorder can be treated by challenging the eyes to work properly using 3-D computer pictures.

Such a quest is as noble as it gets, but we can't shake the feeling that one day we'll be seeing graphics companies' banners all over hospitals.

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