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Dell unveils Nano powered server

by on22 May 2009


Green and cheap

Dell has
released a new server, codenamed Fortuna, which in itself wouldn't be big news if it weren't for its VIA Nano powerplant.

Based around a 15W CPU which is better suited to netbooks and nettops, the new XS11-VX8 server boasts power consumption of just 20-29W. Although it might seem a bit underpowered compared to most servers, it's also quite a bit greener, and cheaper, too. The Nano is a 64-bit CPU, and it even offers some virtualization support.

Another advantage is the tiny form factor. The new server is just slightly larger than a 3.5-inch drive, and Dell says you can pack up to six Fortunas per rack unit, or 252 of them in a a 42U rack. Best of all, even getting a bunch of them won't cost you too much, as Dell is offering them for as low as $400.

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