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Toddler buys digger on auction site

by on22 May 2009


This one was not a toy

If your
computer literate toddler says she wants a truck it might be a good idea to make sure you password protect your PC. 

Pipi Quinlan, 3, woke up early and got onto the world wide wibble when her parents were not looking. She visited the TradeMe auction site and saw a snap of the truck she liked and put in a bid.

A little while later her parents got an email finding out that they had won the auction and now had to stump up EU15,000 for a huge digger. Her mum told the local rag that she had a few Lego play kits on her watch list so she thought she had won a toy. However when she saw the price tag she got the shock of her life. 

The seller was not impressed but relisted the digger for another auction. The Quinlans say they keep the computer away from her now. One day she might want a Subbuteo set and ending up owning AC Milan.
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