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Man bricks Apple

by on21 May 2009


Boot is on the other foot

Chicago coppers
picked up a bloke after he symbolically chucked a brick through the window of the  the city's Magnificent Mile Apple Store on Tuesday night.

It seemed that that bloke, who had a few, took offence at one of the "giant iPhone" displays. The irony of hurling a brick at a bricked product was obviously not lost on him. Apple marketing people rushed to the scene, but the giant iPhone display was unharmed, although it was not looking as smug as it did earlier.

Robert Grilly, 61, of Chicago, was arrested and charged of criminal property damage a copper said. Apple fan bois have already attacked coverage of the story, claiming that Grilly was clearly influenced to take his stand against Apple by Microsoft. Chicago police say that Grilly was more likely influenced by a bottle of something stronger than a rival operating system. So he was sauced up, but not exactly Open Sauced up.

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