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It's Phenom II 955BE and 945 day

by on23 April 2009


Roundup: The day AMD went over 3GHz

Today is AMD's day as it finally lifted the NDA veil and reviews started to pop up all around. They all agree in one thing, it's damn good to see those AMD guys going over 3.0GHz, putting some more pressure on Intel's Core 2 Quad and in some cases even Core i7 920 CPU, and all of that just when their 40nm HD 4770 graphics card is around the corner.

The Phenom II 945 is not a big deal as this baby isn't unlocked for overclocking and just brings DDR3 memory and AM3 support. Of course, you save around 20 bucks or currently around 25 euros if you compare it to the 955BE, but an additional 200MHz and Black Edition label are certainly worth that money. On the other hand the old AM2+ 940BE can be found for 180 euros which is 30 euros cheaper than the Phenom II X4 945, so if DDR3 is not your cup of tea then the 940BE is the way to go.

The guys from Guru3D managed to get their hands on both of these new AMD babies and they are quite impressed with both of them. They also played around the new Overdrive 3.0 beta and Hilbert thinks that overclocking was a piece of cake. We mentioned that this one will be launched today, together with the CPUs and Guru3D made a test run. You can find their review here.

Hexus did a same 955BE review, and according to their Bang per Buck meter Phenom II X4 940BE is still the right way to go. The Intel Core i7 920 is still the fastest of the lot (and we even don't want to mention the Core i7 940 or the 965EE) but this one is way to expensive to even consider it. You can find the prices and the 73 percent/Hexus Executive Recommended award here.

Our friends from Overclockers Club also played with Phenom II X4 955 and called it a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, as the site's name implies, they decided to take a closer look at the overclocking performance of the Phenom II X4 955BE, and apparently the Phenom II 940BE wins this one.

Just to jump a bit away from the AMD and its Phenom II X4 955BE and 945 day, Tweaktown did a review of Asus' GTS 250 Dark Knight series graphics card and find it to be a feature packed GTS 250 that with a great cooler that can only be worse than Asus' TOP version if you are looking for more power. They also tried the FSP 700W modular PSU which apparently gives good clean, efficient and stable power paired up with a modular design and easily earns a best value award. (And it doesn't make Al Gore cry. sub.ed.)

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