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Microsoft sells 155,000 HD DVD drives

by on26 June 2007

A small victory for HD DVD?

So far there's no clear winner in the HD DVD - Blu-ray war, but with the latest announcement from Microsoft, it looks like HD DVD has proven to be quite popular.

To date, Microsoft has sold no less than 155,000 HD DVD add-on drives in the US alone and it's the "biggest selling" console accessory in terms of revenue. At US$200 a pop, it's not strange, but the question is, how much does Microsoft make on each drive?

This doesn't mean that more HD DVD movies has been sold, even tough each HD DVD owner seems to buy four movies compared to one movie per Blu-ray owner.

But then again, do we really care about the US market? Give us some information how well the two format are doing in the rest of the world, but it seems like neither promotional group cares about the rest of us. Hopefully a winner will emerge at some stage, or dual format drives becomes cost effective enough, as this is just getting silly now.
Last modified on 26 June 2007
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