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3rd-gen iPhone's hardware suppliers get named

by on14 April 2009


TSMC and subsidiaries to benefit

According to industry sources in Taiwan playing roles in Apple's latest upcoming crown jewel, the device is definitely on track to be launched by mid-2009 with the first batch estimated to be around five million units.

Assembly suppliers will begin hardware shipments for the 3rd-generation iPhone starting from May, the sources said. As of recent, we have begun to see a trickle hardware supplier information for the new device floating around the net. Thanks to the guys at Digitimes, we may have a complete list here:


On another note, TSMC and two of its subsidiaries are likely to benefit from their roles in the manufacturing of the next-generation iPhone. According to Taiwanese sources, TSMC itself has likely landed itself a sizable chunk of change with foundry orders for Bluetooth integrated circuits, GSM EDGE power amplifiers, and the 3.2 megapixel OmniVision CMOS image sensor. The sensor will undergo wafer-level chip-scale packaging and testing from Xintec Inc. while VisEra will manufacture its on-chip color filters.

All in all, we can positively withhold the idea that a next-generation iPhone is real and is currently in the making.

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