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Intel and Nvidia scared of Cebit

by on16 March 2007

Cebit 2007:
Lets skip it in 2007

A shocking fact from Hannover, is that 100.000 employees company also known as Intel didn't showed its face at Cebit. We are sure that Intel still has enough money but the big company didn't had too much to show.

There are no any CPUs from them and at the same time there are no any new chipsets out, well at least not officially. P35 and G33 boards are anywhere but they will show its face in Q2 a few weeks from now. The biggest competitor, AMD had a huge boot talking about AMD Live.

Nvidia on the other hand decided to skip the big show as it also doesn't have anything new to show. Nvidia decided to skip the announcement of its 7050 chipset but we saw the boards around. It wont show G84, Geforce 8600 cards at the show and it wont show the G86 cards either. There are no sign of any Ultra cards either just the usual Geforce 8800 GTX / GTS and GT cards.

ATI was there but it didn't had anything new to show at least not officially. Maybe these birds wan't to fly together, you never know.

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