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Attractive teen offers virginity for sale online

by on26 March 2009


Wants to pay for her college education

There is a major outcry in Germany after a pretty Romanian teen has offered her virginity for sale online to anyone who can pay for her college education.

Alina Percea, 18, from Caracal in Olt county is flogging her medically certified virginity to anyone willing to pay for her college education. The advert posted to German-language adult site, states she is willing to provide a weekend of unprotected sex in return for a winning bid of €50,000.

She said that she wanted her first time to be special and not very abrupt. The winning bidder can spend a whole weekend with me provided he will cover all the expenses in case I need to travel or stay in a hotel.” The bloke will have to proof that he is clear of disease if he wants to sidestep the use of contraception.

She is a long way short of her target bids have so far fallen some way short of the €50,000 winning post, with €5,000 presently the leading bid with less than two days left before the auction closes.

However the German press has gone wild claiming that the web is being used for prostitution and it is terrible that such a nice girl has to do this sort of thing. Generally they blame the technology for making it possible.

Pity those outrageous taxes that Germans pay don't help attractive Romanian girls through college isn't it?
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