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New video editing software goes multiframe

by on24 March 2009


The new vReveal

MotionDSP, which helped punters improve photos and video through its now-discontinued FixMyMovie Web site, is to release a promised version of its software for PCs.

MotionDSP's vReveal software gets higher quality from videos by drawing on the data in multiple frames showing the same scene. Apparently the outfit is going to release a $49.99 software program, called vReveal, which looks at a video's adjacent frames and combines the data to create a higher-quality version.

Doing this details in dim areas, corrects camera shake, removes noise and blocky compression artifacts. According to the outfit's press release the software can rotate videos, increase video resolution, and extract still images.

The software runs about five times faster if you have an Nvidia based CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology from graphics chip.

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