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Sun Microsystems and Azul bury the hatchet

by on21 June 2007


Details unknown

Sun and Azul Systems have reached an agreement in an IP dispute over a new technology known as "chip multi-threading".
Both sides are claiming a victory after an out of court settlement and no one is making the details public so we can only guess who is telling the truth.

In 2005, Azul released a Network Attached Server product based on " chip multi-threading" which for a small young company was breakthrough.
Sun had splashed out millions on the product over ten years and was a little suspect, particularly as Azul had hired several of its employees. Sun was convinced that Azul had nicked its patents and met with the outfit several times.

In March, 2006, Azul filed a Declaratory Relief action against Sun which asked the court to have a court determine that their products were not using Sun intellectual property. Sun filed a cross-complaint bringing patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims against Azul.

Sun's Chief Legal Council has posted his side of the yarn here claiming the result was a victory for Sun.
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