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Tablet rumored to be announced today

by on17 March 2009


Might be the embedded device Apple spoke of

Later today, Apple is expected to release the 3.0 Developer Kit for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, but not so fast. Our sources suggest that Apple might, in fact deliver, on its promise to grow the embedded device list as it suggested that they might announce news of an upcoming 10-inch touchscreen tablet device that has been rumored for some time.

The 10-inch touchscreen tablet from Apple would give developers a higher resolution platform on which to build new applications. The developers would need time to build these applications prior to the official launch of the device.

The latest word that we are hearing from our Apple sources is that the 10-inch touchscreens will be coming for a late summer or early fall official launch. It is unknown what will power the new tablet device, but one source suggests that it might be the Cotex A8 ARM processor, which is something that we find very unlikely.

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