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Apple TV to be games machine

by on16 March 2009


Cease my fluttering heart

Maker of
expensive exploding laptops and gizmos, Apple has applied for a set of patents which has got the Jobs' Mob koolaid drinking press all a flutter. It seems that the makers of the iPhone have filed a set patents for a Wii-style wireless controller that looks to be made for the Apple TV.

Of course it will mean that people will have to buy the Apple TV, which has a similar user base as the Microsoft Zune. Not that you would tell that by reading the Apple press which describes the Apple TV as a “fairly powerful product” for what little it does. The filing, which describes a "remote wand for controlling the operations of a media system," specifically mentions the Apple TV as a reference.

The Apple press claims that it will be a glorious day when Apple enters the games market. Of course it has never managed to do that so far, so why Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony should lose much sleep over such a thing they don't say.

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