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AMD tries to spark a "false battery-life" discussion

by on16 March 2009


Intel doesn't


It’s a well known fact that battery life estimate should be taken with a grain of salt, usually because laptop makers would do pretty much anything to add more minutes to the life-count. AMD is making a lot of fuss about this, rightfully so if we may add, whereas Intel thinks it’s not a matter of users’ opinions but rather a thing that should be discussed within the industry.

AMD’s Nigel Dessau draws an interesting line between cars and mileage-per-gallon estimates, cellphones and talktime estimates and laptop battery life estimates, the latter being quite untrustworthy. Laptop battery-life is measured with programs that often don’t take into account regular usage scenarios, and companies just take the numbers they like instead. 

While we’re sure that this trend will never stop as it almost goes without saying in the world of marketing, it certainly would be nice if consumers had a say in it for once, as it’s their cash that keeps the industry alive.

You can read more on Mr. Dessau’s blog here, where you’ll find some more detailed info.

Last modified on 16 March 2009
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