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Apple lets people swear

by on11 March 2009


Apparently you needed Steve Job's approval

Control freak
company, Apple has agreed to allowed people to use a Twitter iPhone application after banning the software because it feared that people might use rude words on the service.

Apple wants to keep its iPhone service squeaky clean so that it can flog it to extreme right wing prudes who never leave their bedrooms and would faint if they heard someone say anything stronger than “golly”. The popular Twitter app for iPhone and iPod touch, called Tweetie 1.3, was apparently rejected because it gives users access to the Twitter Trends section, which displays the most popular topics or words on Twitter.

This section sometimes lists swear words, including a particular four-letter word that begins with the letter F and rhymes with duck and was popular in the Canterbury Tales and other medieval classics.

Earlier the App developer Loren Brichter was told that the software breached the iPhone's terms of use. However today Brichter reported that the application had been approved.  In typical fanboy style Brichter praised Apple for letting the application through, rather than question what type of Mickey Mouse control freak of a company banned it in the first place.

Apple has banned the Kenny application from the television show "South Park" yet apparently allowed a range of fart-related applications.
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