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Google confirms clean energy plan

by on10 March 2009


Reduced Emissions by 2030


Search engine outfit Google is pushing a national energy plan which it claims will save the world for polar bears if there are any around after 2030. Google CEO Eric Schmidt claims the company's motives are altruistic and a way to help its bottom line at the same time. He wants the US to adopt his national energy plan that will cut greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half by 2030.

The plan sets a date of 2030 for getting US utilities entirely off carbon fuels, an effort that Schmidt estimates will cost roughly $3.5 trillion over a 22-year period. It will be replaced by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, while keeping nuclear power at its current levels.

Google claims to have invested more than $45 million in renewable-energy startup companies in 2008 alone so that is how the outfit will make money out of the plan. Schmidt said his plan will ultimately make money, generating "on a cost basis a savings of $4.4 trillion."

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