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BenQ changes name to Qisda

by on20 June 2007

From September 1st

You really have to wonder what goes through the mind of certain corporate head offices and marketing departments. Acer spin-off BenQ has decided that it is once again time to change its name, this time to Qisda.

It's Chinese name is being changed from "Jia Da" to "Jias Da" (transliterated from Chinese), but for some reason the English name had be given a complete makeover to something that no-one will recognise.

Qisda apparently stands for "quality innovation speed driving and achievements", although it's hard to see how an acronym like that was even thought up.

The new company will mainly focus on OEM/ODM products in the LCD display, projectors, MFD (Multi Function Devices) and mobile phone markets.

BenQ will be kept as a retail brand and will be a subsidiary to Qisda. BenQ will continue selling the same kind of products as it is today.
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