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Apple buys more flash memory

by on20 February 2009


Another iPhone coming

The dark
satanic rumour mill has been churning out a yarn which suggests that Apple might be planning to release another iPhone.

The rumour comes on the back of news that Apple has cleaned out Samsung's supply of flash memory in recent weeks. AppleInsider claims that the outfit has also asked Toshiba and Hynix to step up with more flash memory. This means, the rumour says, that Apple is planning to release a new iPhone.  

It makes sense as Apple's bottom line suffers that it hopes that the same people who bought the iPhone 3G might be dumb enough to want a replacement.

In January, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller hinted that Apple has settled on a midyear refresh cycle for iPhones, after launching the original iPhone in late June and the iPhone 3G in July.
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