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Top 10 driving mistakes teenagers make

by on18 June 2007
Blame gadgets

Here's one almost geek free news bit for a change.

Not as funny as Letterman's top 10, in fact, it's not funny at all, but since we all want to be good parents at some point it deserves some attention.

The complete list is a bit too much for a tech site to write about. And the most common driving mistake is? Being distracted behind the wheel, of course. And you can pretty much guess what today's youth is distracted by; cell phones, music players and other gadgets.

According to the report distracted driving contributes to 80 percent of collisions. This claim is rather interesting:"In some cases, drivers will even text message their backseat passengers." Yikes!

Anyway, I choose not to trust a car site which recommends a Chevy Impala over a Mini, Miata, Volvo S40 and Honda Civic, but that's just me.

Last modified on 19 June 2007
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