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SideShow PDA?s appear online

by on18 June 2007

Only works with Vista

It seems like Microsoft is taking the SideShow products one step further with fully blown PDA’s showing up online. The only downside is that they only work with Windows Vista.

The hardware specs aren’t known as yet, but according to, they’re powered by a 32-bit RISC CPU from Winbond. Two models have appeard, one with a 3.5in touch screen and a bigger model with a 5in screen and a keyboard.

Both devices feature USB for charging and synchronization, and both devices have Bluetooth built in. The estimated battery life is around 16h, which sounds pretty good.

The feature set is fairly basic, as these are more akin with older PDA’s than today’s Windows Mobile devices. You can synchronize your email, contacts and appointments as well as RSS feeds, documents and some other data.

Apparently the devices are also able to play music, some games and other types of media files, but due to the hardware specs, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to play back video at any kind of quality.

You can find a few pictures of the prototypes as well as some more information here

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