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Kaspersky hacked

by on09 February 2009


Security firm insecure

Kaspersky Lab's
website has been hacked leaving sensitive information exposed.

The latest attack has raised questions about the outfit's security standards as well as revealing details about its customers. The attack was based on a SQL injection which accessed Kapersky's database containing users, activation codes, lists of bugs, admins, and the shop.

All you needed to do this is a simple modification to one of Kaspersky's website URLs. A hacker could use the flaw to usurp legitimate purchases and renewals of their products - which could include the linking to malicious and backdoored versions of their software.

Kaspersky claims that the "vulnerability wasn't critical and no data was compromised from the site" it was found on a subsection of the domain when a hacker attempted an attack on the site.

When the problem was detected the vulnerability was eliminated within 30 minutes of detection, Kaspersky said. However this is not the first time that Kaspersky websites have been succesfully attacked.

Last year, its Malaysian website was defaced by a Turkish hacker using the same SQL injection technique.
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