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Maingear announces Remix Creative Workstation PC

by on30 January 2009


Core i7, Nvidia Quadro, M-Audio and Liquid Cooling

The high-end custom computer builder Maingear has announced its new Remix Creative Workstation PC line aimed at enthusiasts working in photo and graphics design, as well as the video, audio and other creative production. The new Remix Workstation PC will be equipped with Intel's latest Core i7 generation CPUs as well as Nvidia's Quadro CX graphics cards and M-Audio professional sound cards if you are into audio business.

The full noted specifications include Intel's Core i7 920, 940 or Extreme Edition 965 CPUs, Asus' P6T WS Professional Workstation X58 motherboard, up to 12GB of Corsair's triple channel DDR3 memory, Nvidia's Quadro CX and FX graphics cards, and up to 1200W Silverstone branded PSU.

The rest of the specs include single hard drive of up to 1TB of storage space, dual RAID 0 configuration with up to 2TB of capacity or Intel's SSD's, standard integrated HD audio, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card or M-Audio professional sound cards, and wide choice of software, displays and peripherals.

The entire system can be cooled by CoolIT's Arctic X20 liquid cooling solution, and the use of advanced insulation materials should keep the noise level at minimum. Maingear gives its customers a neat option of corporate branding for the Remix, of course for a certain price.

The new Remix Workstation starts at US $1,999.00 for the base version which includes the slowest Core i7 and Nvidia's Quadro FX 570 graphics card. The price gets up to US $3,999.98 if you decide to include the Nvidia's Quadro CX graphics card, and that still isn't the highest price.

You can check out the Remix Workstation here.




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