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AT&T wants 3G-enabled MacBooks

by on28 January 2009


Discussions continue, but no decision yet

AT&T wants to extend its reach beyond just the iPhone and get Apple to offer 3G-enabled MacBooks, as well. At least for the moment discussions continue, but no decision has been made yet.

According to our sources Apple has looked at this possibility before, but Steve Jobs has suggested that Apple does not want to be tied to any one carrier. The good news is that if such an agreement could be put into place, AT&T could be willing to subsidize some of the cost in exchange for the user agreeing to a contract, which could lead to lower prices.

The current thought is that the company would have to use HSPA if they wanted to the 3G technology to work outside of North America and this is just what Apple did with the 3G iPhone.

While AT&T would like the possibility of getting Apple to move forward to offer a built-in 3G option in the MacBook product line, our sources indicate that discussions continue and no firm decision has been reached. Still, with other vendors offering such options, it is likely that Apple may have to start thinking about the best way to make it happen, but our sources say don’t expect a decision quickly as they have been thinking about it for a while now.

Last modified on 29 January 2009
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