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Asustek to reorganize soon

by on20 January 2009


Maintains 2009 shipment goals


Asustek will announce several reorganization plans after the Chinese New Year break, claims CEO Jerry Shen. The company will merge several of its businesses and optimize manpower in all business units. (You mean sack people? sub.ed.)

Asustek will divide its notebook business into two new segments. One will take care of consumer models, while the other will focus on enterprise and low-cost notebooks. It also plans to reduce its Eee PC lineup to just four series.

Shen expects Q1 will be the slowest, and that Asustek's monthly performance will improve later in the year, after it takes care of its overstocking and inventory problems in March.

Shen believes there's a chance the company will be profitable in Q1, and it will maintain its shipment goals for 2009, including 7.2 million Eee PCs, 6.5 million notebooks, 22 million motherboards and 6 million graphics cards.

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