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Sapphire does Quad Radeon

by on16 March 2007

Cebit 2007:
Dual core on two boards


We saw a first Quad Radeon X1950PRO setup. It is a press teaser, not a shipping unit but it is still cool. These two cards, as the company representative said are actually two times X1950PRO rather than a quad setup. We are not aware of the performance of such a board but this is a toy rather than a real shipping thing.

ATI partner are still desperate for R600 cards but they will have to hold its breath till May at least. ATI showed the teaser cards at Cebit but no pictures and that is all you can get now.

Quad setup was the coolest ATI thing that we saw at the show at least so far, but we would like to see at least two R600 cards in such a setup. That would make us happy.

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