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CompUSA still going strong

by on20 January 2009


Launches new Retail 2.0 program

CompUSA checked in with us to let us know that they are launching their new “Retail 2.0” innovative shopping experience. The company is calling it “brick and mortar meets pixels and light” that will be rolling out to all of their stores in the coming months.

Since the purchase of CompUSA by Systemax back in January, the company continues to operate twenty-three stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and the company is working hard to build its own brand. The new Retail 2.0 concept is part of this process.

The Retail 2.0 concept uses the power of the displays within the stores to be able to provide detailed product specifications, technical information, and other details about the product that you are looking at with the touch of a button. By leveraging this power, no longer does the consumer have to trust in the knowledge of the sales staff to make sure that the product that they are looking at meets their specific needs.

The Retail 2.0 concept does seem to address one of the major problems in shopping for technology products at the retail level, which is the lack of information. We can see a major advantage for CompUSA against other retail outlets by moving to this interactive strategy. It will be interesting to see the consumer reaction to the Retail 2.0.

Last modified on 20 January 2009
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