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Antec shows of P1000 full-tower

by on14 January 2009


Great looking new case

Antec has gained a lot of popularity with the gaming community over the past couple of years with its Nine Hundred and P-series case and the company was showing of its P1000 somewhere in Vegas during CES. Luckily for us, Matbe was there to snap some pictures of this new case and it looks great.

The design is very different from the past P-series products from Antec with a radical shift in terms of design. Although the case retains the front door, pretty much every other aspect of the case design has changed. Gone are the square corners in favour for a much more futuristic design.

Antec has added a carrying handle to the front and the rear of the case and feet at the bottom that can also double as carrying handles in a pinch. The P1000 has a huge air intake next to the hard drives at the side of the case and front door has a window, although we can't say we're sold on this part of the design, despite the nice blue LEDs inside the case on the pictures.

The P1000 comes with space for nine hard drives, although we're not sure if the final model will allow for this many drives to be installed by default. The front of the case has a pair of USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA and a pair of audio jacks, but no FireWire.

We like the new design, but we're not sold on this case and it seems fairly expensive at US$249 (€187/£170), considering that there's a lot of competition in this market space at the moment.

You can find the pictures here and some more information (in French)

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