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Obama still hooked on his Crackberry

by on11 January 2009


“They’re going to pry it out of my hands”

U.S. President-elect
Barack Obama is still clinging to his Blackberry, and dreading the prospect of giving it up once he takes office.

Obama is the first President to rely heavily on tech, and his innovative and effective use of the Internet and various social networking and video sharing sites throughout his campaign has put many of his contemporaries to shame. He is also a Crackberry addict, and in a recent interview with CNBC he did a Charlton Heston, proclaiming “They’re going to pry it out of my hands.”

Of course, when he takes the oath on January 20th, his love affair with the Blackberry and other off-the-shelf communication tech will come to an abrupt halt. The most powerful man in the world will have to use something more secure than vulnerable commercial technology for his communication needs. A reminder of these vulnerabilities is the recent Twitter hack, in which Obama's feeds were hijacked following a phising attack.

Anyway, the new Commander in Chief will have to drop some of his habits over the next four years, or eight if pulls it off again in 2012, and RIM will loose some free marketing and a presidential endorsement in the process.

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