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PC less Skype phone

by on11 June 2007

Computex 07: From Topcom

Topcom was displaying its PC less Skype phone at Computex and it looks rather cool I have to say. It's a tethered phone, much like a normal PSTN phone, but it does have some special features you won't find on a normal phone.

First of all and most noticeable, is the 2.4in colour display, which can be tilted so it is easy to view. There's a four way navigational pad as well as two soft key and two call buttons below the screen and just above the numercial keypad.

Topcom has built in the whole Skype user interface into the phone and it is very easy to navigate. All your contacts are there and you just select the one you want to call. You can of course also make normal phone calls with the handset, but these are not free.

It's also got a built in speaker phone and the design looks pretty good. At €169 the question is how much sense it makes to buy one of these, but it might be good for granny, although you'd need a broadband connection with a free Ethernet port to use it, so it might be a bit too high tech for granny.

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