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Sandisk announces Sansa slotRadio

by on07 January 2009


With 1,000 preloaded songs


Sandisk has announced its latest product, the Sansa slotRadio. This device comes with a microSD card containing 1,000 "hand-picked" songs and a built-in FM radio.

The songs in question are picked from the Billboard charts, but if you crave more you can go and get another genre-specific 1,000 song bundle for $40. Unfortunately, the songs are locked to your card so you won’t be copying them to your computer or other devices.

This device might prove to be popular with the folks who don’t care for specific bands, but rather like listening to music in general - meaning whatever their radio might throw at them.

The device should be available in early 2009 and will be priced at $100 together with a microSD card containing the aforementioned 1,000 songs.

You can read more and check out a photo here


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