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Apple demonstrates MacBook Wheel

by on06 January 2009


Keyboardless laptop


We’ve come across an interesting video where Apple demonstrated their latest invention – the MacBook Wheel, which is a super-thin laptop with no keyboard. That’s right, there’s no keyboard and it has just one giant touch-wheel instead.

Looks-wise, this device is classic Apple’s design – sleek, stylish and simple, and it definitely doesn’t lack in that department. It’s very thin and comes with an also thin battery which can power the device for 19 minutes.

Navigation seems quite straightforward and Apple will surely make it even easier with custom menus and such, but in my opinion, it’s the typing that’s the weakest link. Since this device looks like a giant iPod, you’ll have to use the wheel to scroll to the letter and tap the center in order to type it down – which is an agony.

On the other hand, a loyal Apple fan in the video says how he realized how much he hates the keyboard, and all that after typing a mail in “only” 45 minutes. I'm not a big fan of blind faith in companies, so all I'll say is - good luck with your chatting, mate.

This device should hit the market in anywhere from 3 to 15 months and the lowest-end model is priced at US$2.599. You can view the video here. (Ah, so this is your cunning new way of getting back at me? Thanks a bunch, at least it got you 5k on Digg... sub.ed.)

Last modified on 12 January 2009
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