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MSI to launch thin 13.4-inch notebook at CES

by on05 January 2009


Updated: Atom, 1.3kg, 16:9 screen

MSI is
joining the likes of Apple, Lenovo and Samsung, and launching a slim and light 13-inch notebook.

Dubbed MSI X-Slim Series X320, the upcoming ultra-portable notebook features a 13.4-inch 16:9 screen, weighs just 1.3kg and measures 1.98 at the waistline.

Judging by the only picture available at the moment, it isn't as slim as the MacBook Air, but then again, it will probably end up much cheaper than the fruity toy from Cupertino. However, don't expect a bargain, other vendors sell similar machines starting at €1200.


We don't have the exact specs or price, but MSI claims it will ship with 4 or 8-cell batteries, offering up to 10 hours of endurance. The X320 will be available in champagne, silver and black color options.

Thin 13's are the new black and we have no doubt more vendors will offer similar models in the months to come.


According to Engadget Chinese, MSI's thin 13 will feature an Atom Z-series CPU clocked at 1.6GHz, US15W chipset, 2GB of memory, n-draft wireless, a 3.5G network card, and it should go on sale in Q2 for around $800 for the 4-cell iteration.

You can find the full Engadget piece, along with several photos which do it justice here.

Last modified on 05 January 2009
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