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Jobs pulls plug on MacWorld keynote

by on18 December 2008


Phil Schiller instead to deliver show address

With all of the rumors about Steve Jobs’s health over the past several months, many had already jumped to the conclusion that his health is in question again with the announcement that he would not be delivering the traditional MacWorld keynote address.

Our sources are instead telling us that the decision by Jobs not to deliver the keynote address has more to do with politics and the difficult economy. Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller will instead deliver the MacWorld keynote address.

The tanking economy has been taking its toll on the trade show circuit, and MacWorld is no exception. MacWorld has recently lost Adobe, which said that it would not be doing MacWorld any longer. Shortly after Adobe’s announcement came the news that Apple itself would not be doing MacWorld in the future, either, which seems to go along with the political nature of the Jobs's pullout from the keynote address. Several other major MacWorld players have also announced that they will not be doing MacWorld, or that they would be having a significantly down-scaled appearance, include Belkin, Seagate and Google.

With the news of all of the pullouts and downsizing on the trade show circuit, many believe that MacWorld could be in danger, but IDG, who organizes the show, is already saying that the 2010 MacWorld show will continue as scheduled.

Right now, many analysts believe that until the economy rebounds it will continue to be tough going on the tradeshow circuit, with many companies opting not to do tradeshows or greatly scaling back its presence at these events.
Last modified on 18 December 2008
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