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Logitech announces G13 gameboard

by on10 December 2008


Looks familiar...

Is it just us, or does it seem like Logitech is a little bit behind its competitors with the announcement of the G13 gameboard? We've seen very similar products from both Saitek and Belkin in the past and neither seems to have been a huge success.

However, the G13 differs in one major way, it has a 160x43 pixel monochrome display on it which some gamers might find useful, as it can provide "game stats, system info and even messages from other players," according to the press release.

The G13 has a total of 25 programmable back-lit keys and an analog stick which is also programmable. It's possible to create macros on the fly and you can save profiles for your various games. The back light of the keys can also be set to a wide range of customizable color options via the supplied software.

Logitech also seems to be very proud of the ergonomics of the G13, as they've used design elements from its Wave keyboards and incorporated them into the G13. It does look nice, but we're not sure how comfortable it really would be to use.

Having tried similar products from both Saitek and Belkin in the past, we're not sold on the whole idea, as you'll still need a keyboard if you need to type something and unless you have four hands, it'll be hard to use both your keyboard, mouse and the G13 in any kind of sensible way, not to mention the fact that you need a huge desk.

The G13 gameboard will hit retail this month in the U.S. and Europe and should retail for US$79.99 (€62/£54) plus VAT. The product hasn't turned up on Logitech's Website as yet, but it should hopefully do so shortly.


Last modified on 11 December 2008
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