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Ads coming to TiVo pause screen

by on10 December 2008


First for Series 2, and then Series 3 owners

It just seems that you can’t escape the blitz of advertising, even though the DVR was one of those little things in life that helped you to avoid all of the annoying and irritating advertising that accompanied TV programs. It seems that TiVo is now going to start selling banner ad space above the pause control bar on the screen.

So, once you pause your TiVo you get a banner ad that is placed above the on screen control bar. TiVo has been looking to generate additional ad revenue over the past couple of months with additional advertising and advertising concepts that it has been testing. It seems that no place within the TiVo user interface is safe right now from potential future banner ad placement.

From what our sources tell us, it will come first for those TiVo owners that have a Series 2 TiVo and then it will be rolled out to those who have the Series 3 TiVo. The advertisers who have feared the DVR might, in fact, even get excited about all of the new ways that their advertising can invade our consciousness. It seems that there is no longer an escape from product ads, even with the volume muted, on TiVo.
Last modified on 10 December 2008
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