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OCZ has 1200W Power supply

by on06 June 2007
Computex 2007:
90A a rail from PC and Power Cooling

OCZ recently acquired the state of the art power supply unit manufacture, US based company called PC and power cooling. Now these guys have some new PSUs including the 1200 W Turbo cool model that can work at 90 A per rail.

This is an absolute record that we are aware of but this baby won’t be cheap but it would power just about any dual socket machine with SLI or Crossfire. PC and Power cooling will continue to brand its products with its own name and they also have 1000W model and the entry level Silencer 610W.

The company also has a red model called Silencer 750W that will support any Crossfire and has 8 pin PCIe power connectors. OCZ will continue to make its own branded PSUs. 



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