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PowerColor launches new lucky draw

by on02 December 2008


"The Best of 2008"

Powercolor has launched a new lucky draw contest, "The best of 2008," where gamers from all over the world can vote for the best bang for the buck graphics of 2008. The prize is no less than twelve HD 4830 cards that will be sent to lucky "judges" on January 13th.

All that Powercolor asks in this contest is that you vote for the graphics card that you think is the best bang for the buck card of 2008. The cards are all, of course, Powercolor and include all cards, ranging from HD 3400 series to HD 4800 series, including the forgotten AGP cards.

To our surprise, the current top card is the PCS+ HD 4870, followed by the HD 4870X2, which is a bit strange, as in our eyes, the HD 4850 is still the top value graphics card. The prize for those lucky "judges" is the Powercolor HD 4830 512MB GDDR3 card, which works at 575MHz for the core and 900MHz (1,800MHz) for the memory.

The contest can be found here and you have to submit your vote before December 31st. A free HD 4830 is a nice way to start a new year.


Last modified on 03 December 2008
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