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Usage monitoring available in January

by on04 December 2008


Comcast subscribers can keep tabs on bandwidth

Since we told you that Comcast will be imposing a 250GB per month maximum cap for subscribers, the company has been working on a usage monitoring tool that customers can use to keep tabs on the amount of bandwidth that they are using per month.

Not many specifics are known about the bandwidth metering application other than it should work very similarly to what cell providers offer to customers to keep tabs on their usage. While the bandwidth usage monitoring still has to undergo an internal employee trial prior to a customer roll out, it is on track to be available at some point in January 2009.

Comcast is not the only provider who is starting to talk about bandwidth caps. Other providers in North America either already have in place a maximum bandwidth per month cap or are looking at plans to put one into place.

Last modified on 04 December 2008
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