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Greenpeace bashes Apple

by on01 December 2008


tree huggers have once again locked locked horns with the great black turtleneck of Cupertino.

In spite of Apple's best efforts to clean up its act and start offering products which wouldn't have to be submitted to Hans Blix for inspection, the company has once again found itself in Greenpeace's crosshairs.

The greens gave Apple a pathetic 4.3 out of 10 score in their environmental friendliness rating. Greenpeace claims Apple still hasn't done enough to rid the world of toxic chemicals used in some of its gadgets and that it needs to set timelines for phasing out additional toxins used in its manufacturing process.

Apple has not directly commented on Greenpeace's latest report, but its spokesperson did call on consumers to visit its Website and take a look at the Apple and the Environment section.

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