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Online networking sites boom in bust period

by on27 November 2008


Traffic surge

Professional social notworking sites are experiencing a surge of traffic as people try to get more business during difficult times.

According to the International Herald tribune outfits like Xing and LinkedIn are seeing spikes in traffic as people hedge against losing work and laid-off employees seek jobs. LinkedIn has seen 25 percent more registrations in September than it expected. Membership has  jumped to more than 31 million from 18 million at the start of the year.

LinkedIn said it had seen a slight fall in job offers, but no sharp declines, whereas its smaller peer, the Europe-focused Xing, reported increasing traffic toward job advertising. Hamburg-based Xing has 6.5 million users in all and whose half-million premium users pay €5.95, a month for extra services, has also seen a jump in registrations and connections to record levels.

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