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AMD is unique, has GPU and CPU

by on24 November 2008


Says management

One of
Nvidia's VPs said an interesting thing the other day when he claimed that AMD is currently a unique company. They're  not a CPU exclusive company like Intel, or wholly focused on GPUs, which is Nvidia's approach.

They simply love both CPUs and GPUs, especially now when K10 failed to impress and ATI actually managed to make some money and bring Nvidia to its knees. Intel is making a GPU and this Larrabee myth will come at some point in late 2009 or 2010, while Nvidia will be left as a company that only has graphics in its hands. Nvidia will definitely focus all its efforts to maximize the necessity of GPUs, while AMD will have to split the love between CPU and GPU.

This gives AMD a unique advantage to continue selling both chips and making a platform that actually embraces these two products and a motherboard / chipset. Intel sort of has graphics and the sad part is that Intel currently holds 50 percent of the graphics market with its awful Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) but when it comes to smart graphics, playing games and even parallel computing, Intel has the worst contender.

AMD’s love for its first born child CPU, and its adopted GPU offspring, better known as Radeon, will continue and will give the company a unique edge and a dominance until the day Intel actually starts selling its Larrabee.  

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