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MSI adds all-in-one nettop to line-up

by on20 November 2008


Three different screen sizes

It seem like the all-in-one that is system, screen and speakers market has started to get a lot of attention once again, as Asus has just launched its Eee Top; and now MSI is ready to join in with its Wind Neton systems.

Unlike the Eee Top from Asus, MSI has gone with a range of different models that offer slightly different features depending on the needs of the users. The three models are the M16 (not named after the gun), the M19 and M22.

The main difference between the three models is the screen size, with the M16 featuring a 15.6-inch display with 1,366x768 resolution, the M19 has an 18.5-inch display with the same resolution as the M16, and finally the M22 has a 22-inch display with 1,920x1,080 resolution.

All three models are powered by an Intel Atom processor and dual-core versions are expected as well. The M16 differs from the other two models by having the PC built into the stand and, as such, it's the ugly duckling out of the three models.

Other features include touch screen support, built in TV-tuner and a built-in optical drive. The M22 will also come with a Blu-ray drive and a remote control, although we're fairly sure you'll need a dual-core Atom to be able to watch 1080p Blu-ray movies.

The M19 should launch first in January next year for about US$500, followed by the M16 in February for around $400, with the M22 finally joining them in March for $799.

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