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AMD working on 22nm chips

by on20 November 2008


With IBM

The Foundry Company is playing with the distant future, 22nm chips that should come at some point in 2012. We decided to assume that AMD will be able to hold its two-year transition schedule and if all goes well you should see first AMD chips from the foundry company in late 2012.

Volume production is probably coming in early 2013, again if all stays on schedule, and AMD doesn’t run out of money until then. AMD is working with IBM to develop these chips and therefore the total investment from AMD and The Foundry Company in 22nm won't be as big as Intel's, as they can simply split some of the cost.

It is rather interesting to write about the distant future, today when the future of the financial world as we know it is at stake, but hey, this is the plan.


Last modified on 21 November 2008
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