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'Fake Steve Jobs' stops blogging as the 'Real Dan'

by on20 November 2008


Told off for slagging off Yahoo

The bloke who used to be the 'Real Fake Steve Jobs' has had to give up blogging under his own name because his Newsweek bosses were miffed at him having a dig at Yahoo.

"Real Dan Lyons" was reprimanded by his bosses when he waded into Yahoo for giving him what he believed to be misleading information. The fact that Yahoo founder, Jerry Yang, had decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer riled Lyons because Chairman Roy Bostock had promised him a few weeks ago that Yang "is the right person to continue to lead Yahoo." Bostock said on Monday that it was the right time for Yang to go.

Lyons compared Yahoo's public relations team to dishonest bags of dung, only in more colorful terms than we can use in Fudzilla. Yahoo moaned that it was not appropriate to use those sorts of words in a respectable magazine such as Newsweek.

Lyons decided to remove the post, as well other potentially offensive entries, to avoid trouble with his new employer. He said that the bottom line was that he didn’t want to jeopardize the job he liked and which feeds his hungry 3-year-old twins over some blog that's just a funny little thing he's doing in my spare time.

He admitted that to translate this into Fake Steve speak was "I'm a coward and a whore who has totally sold out to The Man."

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